Journey Management Policy

Journey management policy has been put in place by MC-JAY-JAL Ventures Nigeria Limited to minimize risk of injury caused by vehicle accidents. The objective of this Policy is to show a commitment to driver’s safety and improving driver’s safety performance over time.

MC-JAY-JAL Ventures Nigeria Limited believes that encouraging good driving is good business hence we have put in place a Driving Policy to accompany the Journey management policy in order to protect our staff at all times.

The organization optimizes work schedules and travel requirements to minimize road risks and to encourage compliance with speed limits, working time regulations, road safety laws and to avoid the times of day when falling asleep at the wheel is most likely.

Road journeys shall only be undertaken where deemed necessary for the achievement of business objectives at all times.

A process shall be put in place to recognize temporary hazards and inform drivers on a timely basis, or to review the appropriateness of the route.

Any driver that refuses to follow the approved route in line with the journey management plans for personal reasons other than for security reasons shall face a disciplinary action/termination.