Drug & Alcohol Policy

As part of its commitment to the health and safety of our personnel and contractors, this drug and alcohol policy of MC-JAY-JAL Ventures Nigeria Limited has been formulated.

  • Preceding employment, The Company shall test for abuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • Using prohibited and non-prescribed drugs is dangerous to the user and fellow workers and will not be tolerated in the company’s facilities at any time or under any circumstances.
  • No alcohol is allowed in work areas. Under no circumstances is alcohol to be on, or consumed at work locations at base or in the field. Under no circumstances is any person to be under the influence of alcohol while on duty.
  • Prescribed drugs may impair your safety performance at work. Inform your immediate supervisor of any prescribed drugs being used so that medical advice may be sought.
  • For cause or reason of behavioral change, personnel and/or contractors shall be picked randomly for drug and alcohol testing.
  • Personnel contravening the contents of this policy will be liable to severe disciplinary measures and/or dismissal.