Driving Policy

MC-JAY-JAL Ventures Nigeria Limited recognizes the threat of injury to health as a result of preventable accident while driving or using company’s Vehicles. Hence MC-JAY-JAL Ventures Nigeria Limited is committed to improving the safety of its employees and third parties with the ultimate goal of minimizing injuries due to vehicle transportation.

All employees and contractors of MC-JAY-JAL Ventures Nigeria Limited and visitors to MC-JAY-JAL Ventures Nigeria Limited premises are required to adhere to this policy when driving or operating with Company or contracted vehicles at all times as well as when driving or operating with their personal vehicle, either on the job or during routine journeys from home to work site and vice versa.

Furthermore, MC-JAY-JAL Ventures Nigeria Limited recognizes the continuing need for people to take personnel responsibility for their wellbeing at all times and, therefore, invites employees and third parties to adopt safe driving practices and to follow this policy also during out of job activities.

Driver Training and Qualification:
As a matter of policy, only approved personnel and contractors shall be allowed to drive vehicles on behalf of MC-JAY-JAL Ventures Nigeria
Limited, including company owned or rented vehicles. Approval is granted to drivers who have taken appropriate driving training & valid local driving license.

Seat Belts:
As a condition of employment, all employees and contractors must wear seat belts at all times when driving a vehicle, and they must ensure that all other vehicle occupants are also wearing seat belts. Passengers in the vehicles should not exceed the available seat belts & appropriate seats.